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Academic Standards

The Nanchang University International Summer Session strictly follows the academic standard. To ensure successful credits transfer, Nanchang University is responsible for all the teaching affairs supervision, including curriculum setup, teaching affairs management, grade evaluation and issuing transcript.

Course Setting

NCU ISS allows students to enroll up to three courses for each session. We do not allow any kind of auditing in any classes.

Each class has a maximum number of enrolled students (20 enrolled students for English Composition and Public Speaking, 30 enrolled students for rest of the courses). When the course is fully enrolled, the application of the course will be closed and students can only be added to waiting list by e-mailing the office.

The attendance follows the related regulations of NCU. For details, please refer to the Student Handbook upon orientation.

Course Sequencing Policy

Course Format

All courses of NCU ISS are instructed by qualified professors from universities in North America and follow the same structure and standard of most U.S. universities.

1. All the courses NCU ISS offers are instructed by qualified professors from American universities and follow the same structure and standard of most U.S. universities.

2. All of our courses are taught in English. Each Course has 24 class sessions in total. All sessions are 2 hours and a half in length. The total instruction time is 72 instruction hours equaling to 60 hours with 110-minute meeting time every class and office hour no less than 140 minutes every week.

3. Our courses correspond strictly with those in North American university system to ensure the credit transit.

4. Each course of our program is worth 4 credits, equivalent to the credits of a standard semester-long US university course.

5. Each course at NCU ISS can fit 30 participants maximum (except for English writing and public speaking).

Grade Submission Policy

The Course Grade

The course grades of the students will be reference to Nanchang University study course scoring system and standards.

The Credit Setting

NCU issues formal transcript based on students’ final grades, and after students complete their courses and pass the exams, each course will be awarded 4 credits officially by NCU.

Before applying for the NCU ISS, each student is strongly encouraged to consult his / her home institution’s Study Abroad Office or Registrar’s Office or Academic Advisor for detailed credit transfer procedures to ensure the courses of the International Summer Sessions are accepted for credit transfer. Students who have questions about their grades can refer to Grading Scale Policy.

Academic Integrity

All students are expected to present their own work in their homework, assignments, exams and all other forms of assessment. Cheating in any form will not be tolerated.

The NCU ISS reserves the right to expel any students who purposely damages school property, threatens the safety of any member of the university community, disrupts the educational process and orderly operation of the International Summer Sessions, or violates any local law. All students need to sign the Academic Integrity Policy of NCU ISS at the student orientation.

Add / Drop / Switch Courses

Students may add, drop or switch courses before the session starts. On the first two class day (namely Monday and Tuesday of the first week), students can freely add, drop or switch courses. And the students need to download the application form of curriculum adjustment, fill out all the necessary information and deliver it on the first Monday and Wednesday before 12 a.m. to the school office. Relevant formalities should be handled after teachers in charge audit it. Students need to pay the textbook costs due to curriculum adjustment. According to the refund policy, students can get 15% of the tuition refund during this period. If the students want to choose more courses, they need to request for a price match according to the tuition information.

Withdraw Courses

According to the requirements of NCU, 5 p.m. on Friday in the fourth week at this semester is the deadline for the withdrawal of courses. For the specific date, please see the important dates on our official website. During this period, if students want to apply for withdrawal of courses, they need to fill out the application form for withdrawing courses and give it to relevant teachers in charge in the office before the deadline (5 p.m. on Friday in the fourth week at this semester). The courses to be withdrawn will still show on the transcript, and the scores of the courses withdrawn will be recorded as W. The students who withdraw courses will not receive the money-back.

Enquiry on Result

If students have any questions with the score assessment by their teachers, they can fill in the application form for enquiry on result within a week after the results are published, and in the meantime send their scores of daily assignments, tests and examinations to the school for the purpose of enquiry on result. The school will inquiry to their teachers for the situation after receiving the application form, and together with the School Teaching Quality Committee who is in charge of the school, thus to discuss and make a decision about the results for the application. After the result is announced, it will be recorded as the final score for the students, and they cannot make a request for enquiry on result again.

Course Incomplete Grade Policy

Course Repeat Policy

Course Pass/Fail Option