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How to Apply

For NCU Students

Students from NCU register the courses at Registrar’s Office. The credits earned will be counted as elective course credits. The office will release the application notification in January, 2019, please follow the update of Registrar’s Office website.

For Other Students
1. Complete the application

Please complete your personal information in Apply Now , and send the Application Form back to Nanchang University International Summer Session Office at iss@ncu.edu.cn. We will get in touch with you in a few days to discuss the courses you intend to choose.

2. Pay tuition

You can pay the tuition by making bank transit or pay in cash. After you paid the tuition, please upload your confirmation to the website.

3. Confirm Course

After making payment, please confirm your selected courses online.

International Students

International students need the paper of the confirmation letter to apply for visa entering China. If you want to ask for confirmation, please send email to: iss@ncu.edu.cn. For the short-term study of abroad program, it does not need to apply for a student visa (X), and you may apply for travel visa (L) directly. Please note that the Chinese embassy doesn't accept the mail to apply for a visa.And if you need to apply for Chinese visa, you should submit related forms and information to the nearest Chinese embassy. If you can't go to the embassy to apply for a visa by yourself, you can ask for help from the visa application agency by applying for payment. And you can search online"Chinese Visa Service"which can query to such institutions. The following agencies can be for reference:
You can also query the China embassy official website to get more information on vising application: http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/