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The Nanchang University International Summer Session welcomes international students with a dynamic culture of teaching and learning, and a special commitment to urban and global engagement. Our vibrant, multi-cultural educational environment encourages our broadly diverse campus community to thrive and succeed. Our dedicated teaching, and engaged public service are mutually reinforcing, creating new knowledge while serving the public good of our city, our commonwealth, our nation, and our world.

Teachers from Top-ranking Universities to Assist Future Development

Nanchang University invites professors from top-ranking professors from inland and abroad to give face-to-face lessons in China. Chances are that students will get valuable recommendation letter from these professor to help them apply for the future undergraduate / graduate education.

Enjoy Wonderful Summer Vacation and Develop Friendship with Elites

While providing standard North American / Australian academic atmosphere, Nanchang University will help students to develop friendship with overseas students. Students admitted by foreign universities can also meet senior schoolmates for their future study and life at abroad.

Get Opportunities to Graduate in Advance

Universities in North America permit students to graduate with required credits. Credits accredited in International Association of University Summer Sessions can be transferred as credits accredited in their overseas universities. Therefore, Students can get opportunities to graduate in advance by saving time and energy.

Visiting Relatives,Taking Vacations Domestically, Saving Expense for Studying Aboard

Students can take the courses offered by Nanchang University while visiting relatives and taking vacations at home. Only 1/5 expenses of that in foreign universities will needed, and the program enables students to get the same academic experience and credits as that of eminent foreign universities, thus greatly save expense for studying abroad.