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Tuition & Fees

NCU International Summer Session Tuition & Fees
Course Format Numbers of courses taken Application Fee Course Fee Total Fee
Regular Courses 1 ¥2000 ¥20520 ¥22520
2 ¥24520 ¥26520
3 ¥28520 ¥30520

Note 1: Above payment deadline is 23:59 p.m. (Beijing time). Students are suggested to register and pay in advance to enjoy more special offers.

Note 2: Students who pay through bank transfer can login Student System to enter detailed information of payment receipt for the office to check.

Payment Methods

NCU ISS offers two payment options:

1. Bank transfer ( For RMB or US dollars)

2. Cash payment (For RMB only)

For more information, please login Student System or call us at 0791-86512582.