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Official Transcript

NCU will issue official transcript on the International Summer Session in both Chinese and English with sealing stamp on the envelope.

The official transcript of 2019 will be made and sent to the address provided by student in the online application system from August 25th. The sending period depends on whether the student offers complete and correct receiving address in time. If the student fails to provide the complete and correct address and result in our not able to send out, send out mistakenly or late or other consequences, the student shall bear all the responsibility and loss.

If you order a second sending, please e-mail the office at admission@ncusummer.com and you are required to pay extra transcript and sending fees (100 Yuan / per copy) and international delivery fee ( 168 Yuan / per copy)

Note:Most American Institutions require transcript directly sending back to the Registrar’s Office, Undergraduate Office or Department Office. Therefore, we strongly recommend students to confirm the address with advisor or related department before coming to summer session.

Requesting Transcripts

Electronic Transcripts:

Now there is a faster and easier way! Order your transcript online for a nominal fee via the secure website.

Electronic transcripts are processed within 24 hours. They are trackable.

All you need is an email account and your electronic signature.

Paper Transcripts (via mail or in person pick up):

If you are in no hurry and want the free option,contact iss@hnu.edu.cn for the pick-up address. If you want to received the paper transcript by mail, you need to offer your address. You need to make sure that this address is authentic and valid. The tracking number will reach you for your searching. All the mail will reach the destination in 7 days.

NA Grade

The "NA" grade may be placed on a student's transcript if the student has registered for a course, and:

did not attend the course during the Add/Drop period, and failed to drop the course by the published Add/Drop deadline, and if course attendance is taken and faculty submit "NA" grade roster by designated deadline.

The "NA" grade does not affect a student's grade point average. The student is, however, responsible for all tuition and fees for the "NA" course. The only condition in which the "NA" grade may be removed from a students transcript is if the student specifically withdraws from the course on or before the published deadline.

Faculty who take attendance may submit an "NA" by the designated deadline usually during the first month of the semester.